Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, Forward Thinking Birmingham and Future Health and Social Care:

Crisis House

George Street and Edgbaston Crisis Houses have been developed collaboratively with Home Treatment Team clinicians, Future Health and Social Care (HSC) and Experts by Experience, Forward Thinking Birmingham and Early Intervention Community Team.

The Crisis Houses aim to provide a safe and caring environment to support and respond to the needs of individuals experiencing a crisis situation whilst offering a range of supportive options in the least restrictive environment possible. The Crisis Houses provide solution-focused approaches and brief supportive interventions to support individuals in identifying the nature of the crisis and how this may be managed, by them in the future. Interventions offered include:

  • Distress Tolerance Skills,
  • Self Soothe,
  • 5 ways to Wellbeing,
  • Emotion Regulation,
  • Tree of Life,
  • Anxiety Management.

Future HSC Support Workers are specifically trained and will work with Service Users to promote independence and recovery whilst supporting those Service Users to achieve their goals and identify social support needs through implementing and evaluating individual care plans. Support provided by Future HSC also includes: social interventions; supportive discharge plan (such as liaising with benefits and housing agencies); arranging household repairs; encouraging person-centred engagement; providing practical support and therapeutic activities such as mindfulness, journaling, creative/arts activities, sleep hygiene, games and exploring outside pursuits such as going for walks.

Feedback from Service Users and FHSC Staff

“I felt very alone when I first came into the crisis house and very afraid but the staff here have been very kind and helpful.  I feel much better today than yesterday and the day before that. With hope and strength, hopefully I will be able to repair.”
(Discharged Service User)


“The experience is very rewarding as I have learnt so much – having people coming into the crisis house almost ‘broken’ and leaving after the 7 days with so much hope for the future’.”
(FHSC Staff)


“You’ve all put me so at ease and made me feel so welcome. In addition to that, the advice and strategies you’ve all given me are priceless. I am leaving here with a lot of work to do on myself but with the tools to do it and for that I am eternally  grateful”
(Discharged Service User)


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Supported Living/Crisis House properties

The Vicarage

George Street Crisis House

George Street Crisis House is a eight-bed room property, mixed gender supported living/crisis house which supports service users with severe mental health difficulties.


Referrals for this service are predominantly received from Forward Thinking Birmingham (Mental Health Services/Early Intervention Services) which is responsible for West, South and North Birmingham.

This beautiful property has a long and illustrious history which dates back to its build on the 8th May 1911. It’s location in the Spring Hill vicinity gives easy access to local amenities, regular bus service and a 30 minutes’ walk to Birmingham’s City Centre. It’s vibrant and lush garden is regularly used by service users to relax and to participate in service user fun day’s. Our staff and service users share a close relationship with the nearby ‘The Rock Church’; the Pastor of the church has been very welcoming to the service users and offers a range of community services including a food bank service.

The Vicarage

Edgbaston Crisis House

Edgbaston Crisis House is a beautiful six-bed room, fully staffed (24/7) female only supported living/crisis house providing a comfortable, friendly and homely space to offer support to service users with enduring mental health difficulties.


Referrals for this service are mainly received from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trusts Assertive Outreach team (AOT), Home Treatment Team and Birmingham’s service leading hospital based Rapid, Assessment, Interface and Discharge (RAID) Team.

Gillott Road is located in the elegant suburb of Edgbaston Birmingham, just off the Hagley Road; there are reliable bus services to and from Birmingham’s City Centre and easy access to other areas throughout Birmingham..

The Vicarage

Francis Road

Francis Road supported living/crisis house is a stunning eight-bed room mixed gender residence, offering eight ensuite bedrooms and two lounges which provide a comfortable atmosphere offering support to service users with severe mental health difficulties.


Referrals for this service are predominantly received from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trusts Assertive Outreach Teams (AOT), Home Treatment Teams, hospitals wards as well as Birmingham’s Rapid, Assessment, Interface and Discharge Team (RAID).

Based in the middle of a busy community, this supported living/crisis house has a warm and ‘homely’ feeling (as described by our service users) easy access to the Acocks Green high street whilst ensuring a home-from-home setting for relaxation without the potential stresses of their lives. As with all our services, the setting facilitates recovery and ensures our service users are able to maintain their independence whilst accessing (and receiving) the care they need.

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