People we’ve helped…

Michael Betts

Michael has had connections with Future HSC for many years and in a variety of ways. Michael has been a tenant, a service user of our Floating Support Service, a founding member of our Flexible Future Forum, a volunteer at our ArtWork Cafe and has delivered training on Person-Centred Planning about his own Ladder Support Plan to Future staff, Board Members, service users and, on one notable occasion, to a groups of carers and a psychiatrist from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust.

Michael has a strong commitment and dedication to social inclusion and is an energetic volunteer with Future HSC and other community groups throughout Birmingham in order to further this aim.

But we don’t need to talk for Michael, he has his own voice and can tell you more about his time with Future better than we ever could. Please take a few minutes to watch Michael tell his unique story in his own words.

Bernadette Lynch

Bernie has been associated with Future HSC for over 15 years as a Board Member, Trainer and Service User/Tenant Involvement Co-ordinator. When Bernie first joined Future HSC in 2003, she was recovering from a major episode of mental ill health and found the opportunities and confidence she gained through the encouragement she received from Future HSC to be a vital part of her recovery.

Let Bernie tell you more about her time with Future HSC in her own words.

Testimonial On Creative Writing

It was nice to get things out of my head and onto paper.
(Service User, 2021)

It was good to be able to express my thoughts and emotions through creative writing.
(Service User, 2021)

Testimonial On Reading for Wellbeing

The poems are relatable to feelings and give hope, inspirational, and opens your mind to words and meanings, and not giving up, starting over again, tomorrow being a new day.
(Service User, 2021)


It was a great place to be open about how I am and gave me positive things to hold on to.
(Service User, 2021)

Testimonial After Discharge from Crisis House

Something very special happened to me in the crisis house; its so good to start enjoying life and having a full timetable which really helps me with my day.
(Service User, 2022)


The crisis house really surprised me, I didn’t expect it to work. I didn’t expect that I could move on. I totally believed I was stuck, nothing to live for, just self hate. In one short week so many things were packed into it. I was at rock bottom. Now I really want to let go and live. I feel that the crisis house changed my life or even saved it.
(Service User, 2022)

Innercity100 Winner 2002
IUKE Award Host Company Status
iSE Social Enterprise Hero 2009
West Bromwich Building Society Achiever of the Year Award
Wind Rush Gold Standard Winner 2002
West Midlands Minority Ethnic Achievement Award 2009